The Bhagavadgita - Chapter 1, Verse 1

dhṛtarāṣṭra uvāca: dharmakṣetre kurukṣetre samavetā yuyutsavaḥ māmakāḥ pāṇḍavāś caiva kim akurvata sañjaya

Annie Besant

Dhritarashtra said : On the holy plain, on the field of Kuru,* gathered together, eager for battle, what did they, ) Sanjaya, my peopk and the Paodavas?

Jayaram V

Asked Dhritarashtra, " In the field of righteousness called Kurukshetra, O Sanjaya, doing what are my sons and Pandavas, assembled and excited to fight?

Swami Sivananda

Dhritarashtra said: What did the sons of Pandu and also my people do when they had assembled together, eager for battle on the holy plain of Kurukshetra, O Sanjaya?

Adi Shankaracharya

Dhntarash/ra said : What did the sons and mine do when they assembled together on the sacred plain of Kurukshetra eager for battle, O Sanjaya ?

Swami Swarupananda

Dhritarâshtra said: Tell me, O Sanjaya! Assembled on Kurukshetra, the centre of religious activity, desirous to fight, what indeed did my people and the Pândavas do?

Shri Purohit Swami

The King Dhritarashtra asked: “O Sanjaya! What happened on the sacred battlefield of Kurukshetra, when my people gathered against the Pandavas?”

American/International Gita Society

The King inquired: Sanjaya, please now tell me, in detail, what did my people (the Kauravas) and the Pandavas do in the battlefield before the war started?

Edwin Arnold

Dhritirashtra: Ranged thus for battle on the sacred plain-- On Kurukshetra--say, Sanjaya! say What wrought my people, and the Pandavas?

Kisari Mohan Ganguli

Dhritarashtra said,-Assembled together on the sacred plain of Kurukshetra from desire of fighting what did my sons and the Pandavas do. O Sanjaya.

Kashinath Trimbak Telang

Dhritarâshtra said What did my (people) and the Pândavas do, O Sañgaya! when they assembled together on the holy field of Kurukshetra, desirous to do battle?

Grahman Sceweig

Dhritarashtra: The hard-hearted king of the Kurus, blind from birth, while sitting in his palace, desires to know what is occurring on the batdefield, where a civil war between his sons and nephews, the heroic sons of his brother Pandu, is about to begin.

Vladimir Antonov

Dhritarashtra said: On the field of Dharma, on the sacred field of Kuru, my sons and the sons of Pandu have gathered desiring to battle; what are they doing, O Sanjaya?


Dhritarashtra was the father of the Kauravas. He was blind. Hence, he sought the help of Sanjaya, who was a clairvoyant to update him with the events in the battlefield of Kurukshetra.

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