The Bhagavadgita - Chapter 1, Verse 6

yudhāmanyuś ca vikrānta uttamaujāś ca vīryavān saubhadro draupadeyāś ca sarva eva mahārathāḥ

Annie Besant

Yudhamanyu the strong, and the brave; Saubhadraf and the Draupa ill of great cars.

Jayaram V

There are also the mighty Yudhamanyu, powerful Uttamauja, the son of Subhadra and the sons of Draupadi who are all great charioteers.

Swami Sivananda

“The strong Yudhamanyu and the brave Uttamaujas, the son of Subhadra (Abhimanyu, the son of Arjuna), and the sons of Draupadi, all of great chariots (great heroes).

Adi Shankaracharya

" The heroic Yudhamanyu and the brave Uttamaujas ; the son of Subhadra and the sons of Draiipadij all masters of great cars (maharathas).

Swami Swarupananda

the powerful Yudhâmanyu, and the brave Uttamaujas, the son of Subhadrâ, and the sons of Draupadi,—lords of great chariots.

Shri Purohit Swami

Further, take note of all those captains who have ranged themselves on our side, O best of Spiritual Guides!

American/International Gita Society

O Master, behold this mighty army of the Pandavas, arranged in battle formation by your other talented disciple! There are many great warriors, valiant men, heroes, and mighty archers (1.3-6).

Edwin Arnold

With Yudhamanyu, and Uttamauj Subhadra's child; and Drupadi's;-all famed! All mounted on their shining chariots!

Kisari Mohan Ganguli

And Yudhamanyu of great prowess, and Uttamaujas of great energy; and Subhadra's son, and the sons of Draupadi, all of whom are mighty car-warriors.

Kashinath Trimbak Telang

Rhe heroic Yudhâmanyu, the valiant Uttamaugas, the son of Subhadrâ, and the sons of Draupadî--all masters of great cars.

Grahman Sceweig

And the courageous Yudhamanyu, also the valorous Uttamaujas; The son o f Subhadra and the sons o f D raupadi— all certainly great chariot warriors.

Vladimir Antonov

Mighty Yudhamanyu, fearless Uttamoja, the son of Saubhadra, and the sons of Drupada — all on great chariots.


Abhimanyu was the son of Subhadra and Arjuna. He was a mighty warrior.

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