What is True Beauty?

Lord Krishna

Beauty is inherent in every object of the universe. Externally a stone may look shapeless and ugly, but if you put it under an atomic or electron microscope you see nothing but immense symmetry of the atoms and molecules. This symmetry is found in everything. We just do not see it always since we only look at the surface of the things. Sometimes, it is also true with people. It is the inner harmony and symmetry which matter, which is not always obvious. You can manifest this beauty by being in harmony with everything in which you find God. From harmony comes the beauty of life. A true follower of God is always in harmony with everything because he finds God in everything. Since he loves Him, he will not hate anyone or anything. The following verse explains from where that beauty and symmetry of the objects come from. Whatever manifestation is endowed with truth, beauty and brilliance know that to be born of an aspect of My brilliance." The Bhagavadgita Free Translation 10.40 by Jayaram V